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Muslim-Owned Restaurant Is Offering Free Christmas Meals To Elderly And Homeless

London restaurant offers 3-course meal that can be claimed by elderly and homeless individuals on Christmas day – free of charge.

Amanda FroelichTrue Activist
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No one deserves to be alone during the holidays, especially during Christmas. What’s spectacular about this belief is that it’s been adopted by a Muslim-owned restaurant. Shish Restaurant, which is located in London, presented this truth in a note that also outlined a generous offer. It read:

“No one eats alone on a Christmas Day!. We are here to sit with you. . . . Any homeless or elderly are welcomed.”

CNN relays that the note went on to explain the three-course meal that can be claimed by elderly and homeless individuals on Christmas day – free of charge. The Turkish restaurant will serve meals from noon to 6 pm on December 25th. Diners will be offered soup and cacik, a Turkish herb-and-yogurt dip and the choice of chicken casserole, vegetarian casserole or chicken shish for the main course. Rice pudding will be served for dessert.

The note was posted on the restaurant’s window last month. After a photograph of the sheet was posted to social media, it quickly garnered attention. Not only was the Facebook post shared over 1k times, more than 25 residents volunteered their time to help out at the restaurant on Christmas day. Some will serve food and others will shuttle the elderly and homeless to and from the restaurant for free.

Restaurant manager Irsan Can Genc explained

“It’s not about religion, language or culture. It’s about community.”

People may find the offer incredibly heartwarming because Islamophobia has been on the rise since the bitter “Brexit” referendum in June. Donald Trump’s statements about Muslim individuals haven’t done much to improve the situation, either.

Overall, reception to the note has been incredibly positive. Facebook user Stephen F. Lynch commented:

“Shish, you have no idea how much I love this. I have been banging on forever that we need to stop blaming everyone else and step up and help those around us and not leave it to others. This is just amazing and I’m going to share your page to all I know. You guys are awesome for doing this and I hope those that can follow your lead. I hope this day of kindness rewards you 10 fold and i’m sure it will…..just don’t be stingy with the pudding;) great job. xx”

Some might suggest that the restaurant extended the generous offer to improve its own reputation, but a spokesperson explained that the gesture was motivated by a sense of community, rather than a desire “to be known around.”

The restaurant wrote in a reply to Lynch:

“And yes we are not living in a wonderful world at the moment, and [it’s] time for us to come together to stand up for each other. We will always be there and look after each other. Christmas is an amazing day as everyone should have the chance of having a wonderful day.”

Alongside a grinning emoji, Shish added: “Don’t worry about the rice pudding, we wouldn’t be [stingy].”

This article (Muslim-Owned Restaurant Is Offering Free Christmas Meals To Elderly And Homeless) was originally created and published by True Activist and is re-posted here with permission. 

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