The 10 Secrets You Will Never Know About Resume Writing

A killer resume does half the work when it comes to getting shortlisted for a job application. While you may not be able to do the writing part with a lot of finesse, professional resume writing services ensure that you have a winner as far as a resume is concerned.

Your resume needs a makeover whenever you switch jobs, or right after you add another degree to your cap and you should hire the best resume writing service to do that job for you. Wanna know the secrets about Resume Writing, which you might have never known otherwise? Check them out:

Keep it Short:

No matter how long your career graph is, or how many jobs you’ve changed. It is extremely important to ensure that your resume does not go beyond the two-page mark. If you happen to be a fresher, keep it to a page, if there’s too much to talk about in your resume, you can extend it to two, but nothing beyond it. If you ask us why, well, who do you think has the time to go through a resume which is almost as big as a college application essay? I’d say no one.

Keep it Relevant:

Another secret to writing resumes like any of the professional resume writing services would not tell you is to keep it very relevant. Well, if you are applying for the position of Digital Marketing Manager, your resume should shout out loud of all your digital marketing experiences and achievements. It would be stupid your offline marketing skills. I mean you could add it in your resume, but it has to be done without compromising the relevance.

Use Keywords:

If you have a job description in front of you, or you’re applying for just one role, ensure that your resume has at least five keywords from the job description of your designation. The keywords are the basics that draw the recruiter towards your resume and force them to read more and even consider you for the position. Moreover, your resume will also become more search-friendly in databases.

Use Action Verbs:

You need to begin each line of your sentence in your resume with an action verb. Action verbs make your resume powerful and add some value to the work done by you. Verbs like Enhanced, Exceeded, Supervised, Strengthened, Initiated, Implemented, Assessed, Collaborated and many others add weight to your sentence, so make sure that these power verbs are not missing in your resume by any chance.


Another basic rule that you need to follow as far as a resume is concerned is decluttering. If information about your school is not relevant, do not include it. The best resume writing service will tell you that if a career experience makes no sense to the current job position you are applying for, delete it. If your hobby has no connection with your job, REMOVE it. There is no need to clutter your resume with useless information, add only what is NECESSARY.

Bullet up the figures and facts:

If you are trying to showcase your experience as well as skills, bullet points teamed up with a few facts and figures are always a better way than long explanatory sentences. Bullet Points are one of the best ways to demonstrate the deliverables or accolades you have achieved in your previous/present job.

Summarize it up:

You need to add a summary right at the beginning of your resume so that the recruiter gets a gist of who you are professionally, and what can be expected out of you at the first glance itself. Make it extremely interesting and add in as much information as you can about your professional career, in the most precise manner. There is a reason it is a summary and you do not have to create an essay out of this. You will notice that most of the professional resumes writing services ensure that the summary is striking enough to make the recruiter go through the entire resume.

Pay heed to the Education Section:

The most important section in your resume is the education section because, at the end of the day, your degrees and qualifications are the keys to you getting a job. If you have extra certifications and they happen to be relevant to the job you are applying at, make sure you include them in your resume. If need be, you should even highlight certain sections in your resume. Wanna know a secret? If you’ve performed exceptionally well, make sure you mention your score, could help you land a few brownie points with the recruiter. All resume writing services make sure that your education section gets its due importance.

Make the Font Flow:

While it may look like a very small deal, your font size and type make a lot of difference. Your font decides how your resume looks, and to make it look clear and aesthetically pleasing, you need to ensure that you choose the right font size and type. For instance, you cannot use a Comic Sans as a resume font type, and the size would not be anything less than a 10-12. In fact, the best resume writing service ensures that the font is pleasing to the eye of the recruiter.

Be a Grammar Nazi:

Another secret that no one tells you is the importance of grammar. Ensuring that the grammar is not incorrect anywhere is a quite common practice to adopt when writing a killer resume. You also need to make sure that your resume is free of all kinds of typo errors because one mistake could change the meaning of the entire sentence. Moreover, it gives a very bad impression on the recruiter about your writing skills.

These are some of the secrets that professional resume writing services will never tell you. If you are looking for one of the most reliable resume writing services, Get Set Resumes is your go-to stop.

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