5 Easy Tips for choosing the best Toupee for Men

Given the diversity of options available, buying a toupee is challenging for someone new to hair systems. But a few simple strategies can save you from faulty decisions and their implications.

You need a toupee to remedy hair loss. It’s safe, hygienic, reliable and cost-effective. But there’s a caveat. The hair system market is a crowded mess. With so many options readily available, it’s a minefield plucking the right toupee for your requirements, tastes and budgets.

Breathe easy and read on. We are here with a concise 5 step guide for informed decisions.

Step 1: Opt for familiar hairstyles:

Hair loss impacts your style. A toupee for men is a way to reclaim it. So, you are better off kick-starting your toupee hunt by determining what style appeals to you the most. The thumb rule is to opt for a style you are familiar with, especially when buying a hairpiece for the first time.

Familiar hairstyles are important for two reasons, One, the options are narrowed down and 2nd, a familiar style is easy to carry off. Feel free to experiment with style later on when you are used to wearing a hairpiece. A majority of toupees on the market are styling-friendly, meaning you can style it to your exact specifications. That’s one reason for the popularity of these replacement systems.

Step 2: Do the measurements for the best hairpieces for men:

Now that style is out of the way, it’s time to do the measurements. It’s crucial, as a misfit toupee is easily detectable, uncomfortable and may come off, causing you embarrassment. Though an average-sized toupee fits 95% of buyers, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Measuring the circumference of your head is easy and quick. Just place a measuring tape on the front hairline and extend it to the nape of the neck, and note down the measurements. Now consult a size table provided on your seller’s website. Note that the size of the cap isn’t 100% accurate.

Step 3: Decide the types of hair:

The hairs in your hairpiece are either human or synthetic. While human hair is harvested from humans, synthetic hairs are man made fibres that mimic bio hair. Both hair types have their share of pros and cons. However, human hair has fewer trade-offs, making it an ideal investment.

Human hair toupee for men presents a more realistic way to cover baldness. It’s nondescript enough to fly under the radar even upon close inspection. Plus, you can easily style, restyle, colour and perm them to your specifications. If properly cared for, human hair can last for a year. Conversely, synthetic hair is easy to care for but lacks durability and styling versatility.

Step 4: Choose the toupees as per cap construction:

Different toupees feature different cap constructions, notably hand-tied, lace base and mono base. It’s up to you to decide what suits you. In the hand-tied construction, every strand of hair is knotted onto the base with the hand, and hence the name. It’s soft, comfortable, offers styling versatility, free hair movement, and high breathability, making it perfect for sensitive scalps.

Prefer lace base for its realistic look, comfort, best breathability, and aesthetics. When catering to higher hair density, French lace base toupees make sense over HD transparent lace ones. If your budget allows, Monofilament (mono) base hairpieces can be the best bet. They are virtually undetectable, easy to carry off, styling-savvy, and most durable of all the options.

Step 5: Decide the right colour toupee:

Eventually, decide the colour of your toupee for men. Your options are endless with brands offering hairpieces in every shade conceivable. Again, it’s better to stick to a shade resembling your natural colour than to experiment. A natural shade looks realistic and eases the transition.

Toupee is perhaps the best surgical or non-surgical hair replacement solution available. If you do your homework right, finding one shouldn’t be that hard for even the first time buyer.

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