7 Reasons why you should opt for 100% Digital Health EMI Card by Bajaj Finserv

India’s healthcare inflation is much higher when compared to its overall retail inflation. In May 2019, for instance, retail inflation stood at 3.05%, while that of health services accounted for around 8.01%. Thus, availing medical services in the country is more cost-intensive than other services and products.

Health care financing solutions are, therefore, critical under such circumstances to ensure that the best treatment facilities are available to all, irrespective of financial background. A Health Card from Bajaj Finserv fulfils this need for financing.

What is the Digital Health EMI Card?

Individuals facing medical emergencies need to have adequate financing for healthcare options at their disposal. Nonetheless, a lack of liquidity can often gets in the way of accessing the best treatment facilities. Under such circumstances, one can use this card to convert his/her medical bills into manageable EMIs. Thus, instead of settling substantial bills at once, one can pay smaller sums in instalments to clear off the entire bill over a predetermined period.

Benefits of a Digital Health EMI Card

This digital EMI card is one of the best health financing options for the following reasons –

  1. Instant approval

During medical emergencies, one cannot sit around to fill elaborate forms or undertake a convoluted application process to avail financing. This is why existing Bajaj Finserv network customers are offered instant approval upon application of this card. The fast and simple application procedure ensures that you have health care financing available whenever you need it.

  1. Substantial pre-approved limit

Eligible applicants of the health EMI network card can avail a pre-approved limit of up to Rs.4 lakh on such a card. Such substantial monetary coverage can be crucial when seeking treatment at multispecialty hospitals and nursing homes. Bajaj Finserv customers can look forward to a credit limit that is equal to four times that of their existing EMI Network card limit. Thus, this digital health card ensures the best treatment without any limitations.

  1. Coverage for the entire family

Unlike medical insurance, here, consumers do not need to apply for a separate card for each member of his/her family. Instead, a single card supports the medical expenses of the applicant’s parents, spouse, children and siblings, alongside the cardholder. This family-wide coverage is what makes this card one of the top medical financing options available in the country.

  1. Utilise the wide Bajaj Finserv network

A vital reason why this card is a reliable health care financing solution is owed to the company’s wide range of network healthcare facilities. Customers can use the card at more than 5500 hospitals and medical facilities, spread across more than 1000 cities in India. Therefore, a network hospital is never far away, regardless of where you reside in the country.

  1. Wide range of treatments and procedures supported

A cardholder can not only use this card in case of hospitalisation but also to seek other forms of healthcare services. For instance, diagnostic care, dental care, slimming treatments, eye care, cosmetic surgeries and hair transplants are some of the treatments procedures covered under this card.

Health insurance policies often limit coverage for many of the procedures mentioned above. Thus, the Bajaj Health EMI card is essential in meeting the expenses related to the same.

  1. Flexibility of tenor

Bajaj Finserv health card ensures that a consumer has sufficient freedom to choose how he/she deals with medical liabilities. Thus, to simplify matters, a cardholder can select the repayment tenor, after considering other financial liabilities and their economic well-being. The NBFC offers up to 24 months to repay outstanding dues.

  1. No documentation necessary

Since Health EMI card applicants are already part of the Bajaj Finserv family, they do not need to submit additional documents while availing this card. The ability to opt for a card without providing any paperwork further accelerates the approval process, making it one of the best health care financing options.

As a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network cardholder, you are eligible to avail the benefits of this health card as well, without the hassle of further documentation. Hence, you can save money and avoid excess financial strain during medical emergencies. So, wait no longer and go through the process of health card apply and avail the services now.

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