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Why You Should Not Fear Death: Your Spirit Never Dies

Omar Cherif, One Lucky Soul
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Fearing death can control people’s lives and renders them barely alive. The truth is, we’ve been dying since the day we were born. We’ve actually been ‘dead’ for millions of years and never minded it, and most of us don’t even remember; and we’ll be ‘dead’ for some other millions and we still won’t mind it. There is absolutely no convincing reason to fear that next adventure. For where we are now is just a ride.

Essentially, there is no separation between life and death. They are both, in fact, complementary. And that is one of the many paradoxes of our mighty Universe. Unfortunately, that’s not we are taught as children.

Through the established institutions ― religions and governments ― we are made to believe that death is sort of a punishment to be afraid of; if you don’t agree with what we believe in then you will die and go to hell and suffer on the hands of burning ghouls, from one side. And if you don’t submit to our powers we’ll kill you with our guns, from the other.

It’s all a control game. When irrational fear is induced people become controllable. That’s how fearing death came to being.

Well, since this topic is part of my upcoming book and I have some things to say, let me briefly explain why scientifically speaking death isn’t as terminal as we were made to believe.

You see, our consciousness is derived from micro tubules within brain cells, the neurons. When we are pronounced ‘dead,’ the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing and the atoms come undone. However, the energy, or the consciousness within our neurons, isn’t dead with us, but it stays ‘alive’.

Consciousness does not vanish ― only transmuted beyond time and space. Simply because when energy leaves something it does not cease to exist. In our case, it just goes to a spot that usually us humans cannot reach ― the spirit realm. So even though it will be our physical time to depart this earthly life but our consciousness will live on.

Children with past life memories may be one blatant proof that consciousness does not die.

Through our soul’s transition from what we call life to what we call death, we shall be scattered back into the cosmos as stardust which we once were. Possibly visiting far away planets, or inhabiting different entities, or reincarnating in earthly bodies again.

Or, perhaps if we have completed our mission through our last life on Earth by learning the intended lessons and by working out our karma, we may ascend to other realms and become masters or guides, or even avatars and demigods. How poetic is that. But really, who knows.

Mark Twain once said:

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

We are literally surrounded by an infinite number of possibilities and probabilities. And the thing is, again, we will not mind the act of being ‘dead.’ So why mind it now and live a limited life? There is absolutely no reason. We cannot really live life by fearing its end.

I believe that detaching and not fearing death IS one of the intended lessons, because it’s through which we get to know our true core. We get to know that we are infinite and immortal and we get a chance to act accordingly.

Love Life and embrace it; don’t fear death but anticipate it. For Change Is The Only Constant.

About the Author

Omar Cherif is a trilingual writer and researcher, photographer and blogger with degrees in journalism, psychology, and philosophy. After working in the corporate world for ten years, he took writing as a vocation and is currently finalizing his first book about dreams, the subconscious mind and spirituality among other topics. You can follow Omar on Facebook and One Lucky Soul and you can go here to see his Photography.

This article (Why You Should Not Fear Death: Your Spirit Never Dies) was originally created and published by One Lucky Soul and is re-posted here with permission. 

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