Brave Israeli Soldier Speaks Out On BBC Against The Crimes Of His Government

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I bet the BBC would NEVER of interviewed this guy LIVE if they had known he was gonna say this!

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is one of the oldest and most famous in world history and although everyone does seem to have their opinion on the matter, none can be taken so seriously as a soldier who is so disgusted by the crimes of his government that he actually begins to speak out about them LIVE on television. Doing this, could cost him everything. Which means that he is so moved by the pain and injustice he has witnessed that he no longer cares for the ramifications and how he will be branded within his own society or the incredibly powerful Zionist media.

This soldier’s name is Yonatan Shapira, and by him mustering up the courage to speak out on the BBC like this signifies a deep seeded anger within.

Shapira was 1 of 27 Israeli Airforce Pilots to sign the “pilots’ letter” which proclaimed with no compromise that they would not fly over the occupied territories of Palestine.

You can watch Shapira’s interview with the BBC in the featured video above.

This article (Brave Israeli Soldier Speaks Out On BBC Against The Crimes Of His Government) was originally created and published by Choice and Truth and is re-posted here with permission. 

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