How A Taxi Dispatch System Redefines Your Taxi Business?

The new breed of e-taxi businesses like- Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, or Ola has brought a huge transformation in the fragmented taxi industry with one-click booking, instant access to information, prompt response, and unmatched services. As the tech-savvy customers are taking the center stage, it’s essential for the taxi businesses to cope up with the changing demands of speed and convenience, else they will perish.

With a taxi booking software deployment, the businesses are not just able to match up to the customer’s expectations, while optimizing the business processes and maximizing the profits has become viable. Interested to be a part of the favorable change that will undoubtedly pave the way for success? If so, we have enlisted the ways the online taxi dispatch system can help you push the envelope and enjoy the benefits in abundance.

Let’s take a glance at how a taxi dispatch system like Uber can completely transform your traditional taxi business:

Make your Taxi Business Presence Felt

Going conventionally, no one other than local people is aware of your taxi business. And, when it comes to getting the bookings of the cross-border travelers that generates a high share of revenue, then it’s impossible because they are unaware of your taxi business and the services you provide.

The taxi dispatch system enables the business to get bookings around the globe and get a space on the user’s mobile as well. It means your business will be at an inch step to the customers, which creates a golden opportunity to keep remind of your taxi services and use them when they are traveling with offers-related push notifications.

It adds a lot of value to the brand, builds a brand reputation, helps in winning more customers, and gaining customer loyalty. The business will get multiple benefits at the cost of building one application.

Bring certainty into the business

Assigning the rides to the drivers randomly sometimes leads to assigning two different rides to the same driver or to the driver who is unavailable. Also, the incapability of tracking the vehicle in the real-time from the moment the driver picks up the passenger to the drop off point keeps the business owner uncertain about the trip.

The manual inefficiencies delayed response, and inaccuracy can be eliminated with organized execution of the taxi services through digital taxi solution. Using the app, the ride request is recorded, a nearby driver is quickly located and then the ride request is automatically dispatched to the driver, thereby leaving no room for confusion or wrong request dispatch.

Additionally, when the driver accepts the request and the passenger gets on board, the dispatcher can monitor the trip, which in turn, keeps the dispatcher stay informed about the idle time and every route that driver takes. It reduces the occurrences of misfortunes.

Increase operational efficiency

Traditionally, at times, both passengers and drivers even after standing in the same area waste a lot of time to get the ride. It’s due to the absence of any system which connects them. It impacts the bottom line as the driver cannot perform to their peak efficiency. Sometimes, even after getting a ride request, the drivers burn daylight in reaching the pickup point due to the lack of knowledge of the region and the passenger will remain uninformed about the long waiting.

The taxi application can optimize the operations by easily and quickly connecting the passengers and drivers with matching algorithms; increase the drivers’ productivity with a ride-sharing option, or other ride requests headed in the current ride’s way; enable effortless location mapping with GPS facility for the drivers to locate the passenger’s pick up location immediately.

Going ahead, the business owner can view the historical trips, the revenue earned, the passenger’s reviews and ratings, and vehicle maintenance reports, which gives them insights into the issues to better handle and improve, and meet the changing business needs.

Hassle-free Payment

The compulsion of accepting the payment as cash has become a thing of the past.

Presently, the slew of payment options- credit card, debit card, PayPal, e-wallet, cash, or other modes is offered that allows the passengers to pay the way they want. Also, it frees up the drivers from doing the manual calculation that saves a lot of time and eliminates the worry of carrying huge cash in the pocket or getting unpaid for the ride.

The secured payment gets the needs covered of both- passengers and drivers, in addition, taking the experience to a whole new level.

Add transparency

Often, one of the things are seen at the end of the ride, either the drivers are blamed for charging unfair fares for the ride, or the drivers found demanding the tips for the services they provide.

It can be eliminated with the automatic payment feature of the taxi application. The payment module closes the loop of surprised fares, and the system of tips because of the fair payment system access that’s available to both parties.

The system allows the passenger to calculate the fare before starting the journey that includes basic fare based on the distance travelled, toll tax, waiting charges, and extra accessories if required. It weaves an element of certainty and trust in the taxi business.

Note: The article is written by Mushahid Khatri working with one of the leading ride hailing software companies.

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