How can I track my kid’s phone without them knowing remotely?

In this era of technology, kids are more exposed to use advanced technology. Even at an early age’s kids start their activities with digital gadgets like smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Every time a new model of technology is invented that is from television to the computer and now converted into smartphones.

Now technology is everyone’s hand. Children spending so many hours in a day with these technologies with different concerns. Mobile technology is new and it replaces desktop computers and their uses and diverted with the internet. It increases the excessive usage of technology and connection with the different social sites.

Use of mobile phone by kids

Mobile technology is new and the linking of internet-connected people around the world. It is a powerful and unique technology that directs influence. Kids use mobile for different purposes to play games, use different applications, online communication, and access different social networking sites. Therefore, a rapid change of digital technology in this era. It makes it possible that using smartphones, tablets and other digital devices has an impact on the kids. The amount of time kids is spending with the digital gadgets parents are a concern.

Why should parents track kids mobile remotely?

The time of fastest growing technology increases the usage of mobile phones. Children spend most of their time with their smart devices for different purposes. The excessive use of mobile phones proves the dangerous results for kids.

Online predators

Using mobile phones and connecting the internet with different social networking sites found online predators for children. Even if you don’t know if someone is talking to your kid unless you are watching.

Cyber bullying

When kids use different social networking sites they face cyber bullying and online harassment which directly influence their mental health and they never tell their parents.

Identify bad appeal

Some of your child’s friends could convince him to do something against his family morals.

Control screen time

Kids spend hours in a single day for online activities. They are just busy with smart devices. Parents want to control their screen time.

How can track kid’s cell phone secretly

The time is going to be digital with the advancement of digital technology. Cell phones are not considered for only voice communication but also include the sharing of photos, music, videos, live location. The device also connects people all around the world. Child activities are limited with digital devices. The excessive use of electronic devices can increase the worries of parents toward their kids.

Features of mobile tracker

Real-time tracking GPS location

It provides the phone tracker of GPS location of a targeted device in real-time and targets the movements.

Support 24/7 Expert live chat

Users can discuss all the technical issues with the live customer support chat and get rid of issues.

Track phone location

The mobile phone tracker helps to locate the position of a device without GPS.


It allows creating a backup system of all multimedia files such as photos, videos and even downloading the images.

Password track

Track the Password which is set on the digital device as home screen lock.

Screen record

It provides the facility of screen recording of the targeted phone activities.


The user easily captures the screenshot of the targeted mobile phones.

Email/messaging chat

It tracks all incoming and outgoing text messages, chats, emails, group chat, and also sends and receives messages.

Call recording

This application allows recording the incoming and outgoing voice calls and also listens to the conversation from both sides.

Camera bugging (front and back)

Use the camera bugging feature of the live stream and watch and record the surroundings of the targeted cell phone.

Block internet, calls & messages

You can block kids’ activities remotely using a mobile tracking app. It enables you to get access to the cell phone device and block live incoming calls secretly. Moreover, you can block text messages and chat with your kids secretly. It further enables users to block internet access on teen’s phone remotely to get rid of all the inappropriate activities they are doing at the moment.

Camera & MIC bug

Users can control the cell phone device camera whenever they want using the camera and mic bug tool. It allows users to control the microphone and camera and listen to the surroundings. You can further capture surrounding images and save to the dashboard.


Parents are always conscious about their kids’ activities. They want to control online activities. Excessive use of technology like smartphones, tablets might interfere with the development of a kid. Therefore, parents should use the mobile tracker to monitor the activities of their children. It protects kids from any online threat.

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