How to Share Scanned Documents When Working From Home?

Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives massively. We are all observing social distancing and our working styles have changed completely. Most of us are working from home and scanning, sharing documents is becoming a really big issue. However, with the help of a document scanner app you can easily do that.

Unfortunately, it seems for many more months we will continue working from home. Coronavirus is still spreading and until it becomes totally under control companies are advising to work from home. And it is so difficult to achieve office-like productivity in case of remote working.

That too, in case of scanning and sharing those documents. But here we offer an easy way to share your scanned documents with a PDF scanner application.

Why Is PDF Scanner App The Best Remote Work Tool To Share Files?

The remote work situation may sound easy and comfortable but there are many challenges attached to it. Especially, when it comes to scanning documents. So, here we share the quickest way to scan your papers and share it easily.

Why Scanning And Sharing Scanned Documents Is Necessary?

Before talking about the best scanner app and how it shares documents let’s first understand why scanning is so important.

Businesses Are Being Paperless

Digitizing documents and becoming paperless is trending in every office. Every type of business uses scanned papers in everyday transactions. In any case, it is best to use a quick way to scan, save, and share important papers.

Scanning Is The Easiest Way Of Archiving Documents

When you digitize documents you are making sure that no matter what goes wrong your records, files, and important papers are secure and you will never lose it.

Scanned Documents Are Easy To Carry

It is tough to manage hard copies of papers. We require special care and maintenance to store important documents. Old photos are hard to maintain. Whereas, scanned copies are easily transferable. We can easily share and save it.

Scanned Files Wear Professional Appeal

In today’s fast-growing world, everyone prefers to work professionally. You may look non-professional when in the era of being paperless you carry hard copies of your files.

Digitizing Documents Is Quick, Easy And Economical

Scanned copies can not be manipulated. You can easily update your records when everything is paperless. Plus it is an easy, quick, and comparatively very economic way to run office.

Scanning papers gives us so many advantages and it is easy to share it. Sharing scanned copies increases your productivity and it is not time consuming also. Just a tap and you can share all your scanned files with friends and clients. With the help of a PDF scanner app like FlashScan you can easily share scanned documents.

How To Share Scanned Documents With FlashScan App?

FlashScan is a comprehensive document scanner app that scans all types of papers. You can scan ID cards, business invoices, old photos, receipts, files, books, and even your favorite article from your favorite magazine. Once you are done with scanning you can share your scanned papers in a few seconds with FlashScan.

Here is how you can share your scanned documents with FlashScan:

• Users can share the document as a PDF or as images by clicking on the Share button ( find the share button below the name of document)
• You can share multiple documents combined into a single PDF or individual images. Select multiple documents by long pressing and then click on the Share button from the bottom bar.

Note – You can easily perform this operation on recent documents, the list of documents on the document scanner page, and My Favorites document list as well.

Why Is FlashScan The Best Scanner App?

There are many features of FlashScan that make it the best.

• It digitizes documents in a flash.
• FlashScan offers an OCR tool that can recognise text from any image. It also translates recognized text from English to many other languages.
• It is a perfect QR and Barcode scanning app that decodes these codes accurately.
• It also offers post-scan editing filters that beautifies the scanned copies.
• Users can anytime save, share, rename, and delete any files and documents.
• Mark your document favorite and store it in the ‘Favorite document’ to make it accessible.

Concluding Notes

Use brilliant remote working tools to ease out a few tedious tasks like scanning. FlashScan is the best scanner app that generates clear and sharp scans. Share these scanned papers easily and increase your productivity while working from home.

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