SEO Ranking Factors: On-page SEO factors to improve search ranking

Know how to improve your search ranking in Google SERP:

SEO is crucial to the marketing success of your business. Here are some SEO factors that affect your ability to rank higher on the SERPs. Go over this list to make sure you have a good understanding of which sections or aspects of your site need to be fixed.

Loading Speed

How fast do your pages load? If they take an inordinate amount of time that could be one of the reasons why you’ve got poor or no traffic to your website. You’ll need to find a way to improve your loading speed if you want your visitors to stay longer. GTmetrix will help you to improve the website’s performance by providing details for website speeds or loading time.


E-commerce sites ask for customer details. But that also means you’ll need to ensure the privacy and safety of their details. That could be a factor why clients don’t want to shop at your site. They don’t want to expose their information to possible theft.

Mobile Friendliness

It is highly recommended by Google that your website should be optimized for mobile devices. With more and more consumers going online using their mobile phones or tablets, it’s important that you provide a wonderful mobile user experience to visitors. You can use Google Search Console to perform the mobile-friendliness test for your website.

Optimized Content

Make sure your page contains information that is relevant to visitors. Does it resonate with your audience? Is it the kind of content that captures their attention or buying interest?


How credible is your page or site? Customers tend to choose the products or services of companies they trust. One way to generate trust and credibility online is through strong backlinks. The help of a digital marketing firm will be invaluable in helping you get all the backlinks you need to improve the authority of your pages.


Your content needs to stay current and up to date. For instance, anything that contains mentions of Covid-19 or the pandemic will have a better chance of getting more hits, likes, and views.


Another factor that affects the ranking of your pages on SERPs is experience. When you pick an affordable SEO company, take the time to go over the firm’s background. How long has it been around? Does it have the experience and expertise to provide the help you need?


Consumer feedback offers plenty of insight into the company, the quality of its services. Bad reviews tend to scare customers away, hence the importance of knowing how to use reviews to your advantage.

User Experience

What is the user experience like? When a potential buyer comes to your page, do they know where to go? Are the pages clearly designed to make that possible? Or does the person spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find what s/he needs or trying to figure out how the navigation works?


Your pages must be maintained. That’s where pros come in. Hire them to stay on top of any changes to the algorithm, so you can be sure that your content will always be updated and compliant.

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