SEO Trends: Top 8 SEO Trends in 2021 to Get Online Success

For being a part of a competitive online marketplace and getting success, everyone invests in SEO. With increasing competition and the number of websites, it becomes difficult to make related decisions. In today’s time, an SEO and content marketing strategy should be unique that can easily impress the audience.

On another hand, you need to keep search engine guidelines and requirements in mind as well. To make sure the success factors and impress the customers, you need to follow recent search engine optimization trends. Having a website according to current trends can be a great advantage. Here, you will get introduced to some major SEO trends for 2021.

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SEO Trends

Featured Snippets

In recent years, you can see multiple changes made by Google in presenting search results. A featured snippet is one of these major changes. Mainly the featured snippet section is not counted in ranking position, its place is above the first rank and named as “position 0”. According to some online sources, it is useful in originating around 54.68% of clicks.

Having your website reference in such a section can help you in driving lots of traffic and searches. It provides a big opportunity for success. Now the question appears on how to get that place. It can happen by providing a clear answer to the users’ queries. In case you are struggling in holding a top-ranking position in search results, then it can work as a booster.

Use Of Influencers

As per today’s situations, influencer marketing leading to a great impact on promotions and SEO results. When a reputed, popular, and respected personality promotes your business, then it provides leverage more than an advertisement. It will help you in influencing users’ choices and decisions.

It is a big reason that’s why many media and digital marketing companies are investing funds in influence marketing. Here, you may face issues in finding its connection with search engine optimization. Working with an influencer will be useful in increasing the approach or reach of content. It helps in getting some quality and valuable backlinks with a boost in website traffic.

Secure Website

Some people are taking aspects of SSL certification lightly. Due to it, their website domains are highlighted as “not secure websites”. In reality, it leads to a big impact on the audience and their decisions. In case the users are feeling insecure while accessing your website, then they love to leave it instead of exploring information or services.

Applying SSL certification will present your website secure and its domain is converted from HTTP to HTTPS. If you have a website with such accessibility, then you can get an advantage in ranking factors. The search engine loves to show safe and secure sources in search results.

Voice Search Optimisation

If you focus on the technology evaluations, then voice search is influencing the results a lot. Many smartphone users love to search online by accessing such a feature. Here, the users do not need to write a single word, they need to speak only. According to some experts, it is expected that over 50% of searches can be influenced by the voice search feature in 2020. You should prepare the website for such kinds of changes and get the best results.


A big portion of the world’s population loves to access mobile devices when it comes to searching online. In the year 2020, this particular method is getting more popularity and dominating the search results. If your website is lacking in mobile-friendliness, then it becomes hard to approach maximum possible users with similar effectiveness.

Another fact to worry about is search engines are also giving preferences to mobile-friendly websites in search result positioning. To deal with such a factor, you can pick a responsive design for the website or create a specific mobile version with the adaptive design strategy.

Videos To Share Information

With the popularity of voice searches, videos are appearing as a great source of information. Many users love to gather information from visual sources instead of reading long text. Again some people may not find it useful in SEO. In case you are going to share videos on the website or other platforms for getting traffic, then how you can show it in search results.
Here, you need to be focused on the search engine optimisation tactics such as – adding keywords to title and description of the video. It will help you in targeting related searches and get lots of traffic.

Dwell Time & CTR

Dwell time & CTR are two major factors for getting a good ranking position in SERP. Dwell time represents the time that is spent by a visitor on your website. In case the visitors are accessing your website and leave it immediately, then it is not good for ranking. It increases the bounce rate and leads to a negative impact on search engines.

CTR represents the click-through rate. After starting to get website impressions in search results, it is important to maintain a high click-through rate. It explains, your website is useful for users and they can find an answer to queries. For such a task, you should try to create a meta title and description of pages carefully and by adding proper information about the page.

Content Quality Is Important

Content provides a way to share information and explain all factors in detail. Adding quality content on the website will help you in optimising pages with keywords and interact with the audience perfectly. Every time it is not necessary to add lengthy content.

No one loves to read long content but everyone wants to gather information. In case you can provide the required data and information in fewer words, then it is good for yourself. Users will love this kind of content and may get impressed. These types of websites are also considered by the search engines.

These are some major trends that can help you in serving users perfectly in 2020. While creating an SEO strategy, you should keep such trends in mind for dominating search results and get ranked quickly.

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