Top PHP Trends in 2020 That Will Leave You Amazed

What is it that’s constant, and we see every year?

Seasons, festivals?

That’s true, but that’s not really the right answer!

Something that’s constant and we see perhaps every minute, hour, or year is the CHANGE

The change is inevitable and constant. There is nothing that can be kept change-proof!

Let’s talk about PHP web development. With being blessed by showering innovations and technologies now and then, we see the change in web development as well. Notably, the past few years have indeed witnessed a dramatic change in the field of web development, and there is still a continuous boost happening.

There is just no possible end to upgrade in this area of development!

One such part of web development that allows it to continue to offer exceptional results is the PHP.

PHP is a scripting language that allows you to develop high performance, secure, and faster web applications. There are multiple, or we should say, some of the best PHP frameworks available for the coveted development of the project. You can opt for the most suitable one based on your business’s or project’s needs, device needs, the experience required, hosting plans, and development deadline.

PHP is an extremely beneficial and accessible language that gives a broad gamut of services to developers, including adaptable frameworks and plenty of tools to showcase the create adaptive websites and so much more.

This year has observed PHP demonstrating some incredible upheavals, improvements, and updates.

But the question is, what were these changes, and what impact will they leave on the future of PHP development?

To get more insight, we will be discussing some of the changes, i.e., PHP trends that will be dominating this year. These are some trends that you should know because they can benefit and uprise your business game.

However, let’s hit it off with a peek at the basics!

What is Special About PHP And Why is it So Popular?

PHP, created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, is an open-source scripting language that unfolds some high-end features and can be made a part of various programming tasks. Its frameworks offer great speed and high performance, extensibility, and security, thus, streamlining the web app development process. This language’s versatility has made it highly praised among some developers and the development industry.

You’ll believe the fact more when you’ll hire a PHP developer for your web application development and interact with the person regarding the same.

A few features that differentiate PHP from others and make it special are:

  1. Since PHP is an open-source language, it is accessible and free to use.
  2. It acts as a cost-effective means to access various tools that help create dynamic and creative websites.
  3. PHP has some other high-end features as well.
  4. Not just web development, but PHP can also be used for several different tasks outside the domain of web development.
  5. The process of web development can be streamlined with the help of PHP frameworks.
  6. It is a language offering high speed along with high-performance.
  7. PHP language also benefits with calculations, MySQL interaction and even gathers information.
  8. Developers can use PHP for various applications due to the language’s adaptability and flexibility

Most Popular PHP Trends in 2020

PHP Development Tools Enhanced Cyber Security

The first and one of the most popular trends is cyber or digital security that is highly expected to make some improvements this year. With an increase in the number of people sharing and transferring their data online, there is an increased demand for reliable and secure frameworks to look after it.
The extremely efficient PHP development tools allow maintaining robust cybersecurity solutions to store your data securely.

Also, increased e-commerce activities have contributed to a surge in the number of online transactions, which ultimately gives rise to the need for providing safe landing pages and payment portals. Right PHP usage in such situations would ensure transactions taking place under a secured environment.

Phalcon proves to be working well in terms of security and caching. You can make use of Codeigniter, quite a lightweight PHP application, to add significant encryption features to your website. There are many PHP coders for hire, available who can make the best use of PHP to make your web application wholly secured.

Cloud Integration for Betterment

With cloud services growing day by day, most of the companies in today’s time are dependent upon the cloud to store their data.

It won’t take much longer for the cloud service to broaden its wings and fly further!

Merging of cloud services and web applications is expected to be seen this year. Most of us are now reliant on it to store some of our data.

Many companies have already started working on the cloud model, and a few more will be seen making an approach towards the designing of web applications with the help of cloud servers.

PHP would become more powerful with an increased demand for web development with a boost in Cloud computing this year.

Such integration of PHP, web development and cloud computing would contribute to more scalable and cost-effective development.

IoT and PHP Merges

Another term that we hear in computing these days is IoT (Internet of Things).

It tries to combine the internet and AI (Artificial Intelligence) together with normal inanimate objects with a further attempt to make them smarter. Some examples of IoT devices include connected security systems, thermostats, and cars, etc.

Such a combination of devices, together with all connected to the web, can help in creating, monitoring, and controlling various actions around us.

PHP can be used to IoT a lot more possible by coming up as a robust programming language to code.

Once you are done with the ideation of creating such a project, you can hire a PHP programmer & coder who is experienced and skilled enough to carry your project ahead.

AMP with PHP

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is what we have been waiting for!

Wanting to have the Ensuring websites that are mobile-friendly has changed itself from just being a choice to a requirement. As we move towards a more technology-oriented future where people are dependent on portable devices, the need to improve them has increased.

Such activities would make websites improve their pace without compromising on the other end. To contribute to the same, Google has already come up with its version of the accelerated pages, which makes search results appear faster. It also helps in enhancing the viewership or readership as well on the web.

ChatBots Makes PHP Popular

Chatbots, that interact with the users in the form of written or spoken human speech. Every web application is thriving to make the chatbots a part of their project.

There are a few best PHP frameworks available that are capable of coping with this rising trend of the chatbots.

PHP frameworks and tools can prove to be the best in the creation of chatbots as per the latest trends. PHP is an open-source language and acts as an additional advantage developer to use.

Chatbots can be considered one of the best examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which has certainly gained immense popularity in the last few years.
Since PHP tools can help you create your best chatbots quickly, it has become the most preferred solution for the same.

Best Static Website Generators using PHP

Every startup or business understands and agrees with the fact that any commitment made to their interest group is highly essential.

Out of many other ways, one significantly beneficial way is through Motion Design, which allows startups or well-established businesses to establish better networking and improve their general communication on the web with their visitors or customers.

However, it can’t be achieved just like that.

It requires the right information and knowledge to make it practical. Designers are continually using static pages to handle this.

PHP can be used to develop the static website generators online, which would further help you to develop the website in quite a brief time span.

The Ending Note

PHP has a long way to go.

As you can see, more and more companies are dependent upon the app development companies or outsourcing agencies for the development of their PHP web development projects.

PHP is an easy language, but not that easy that anybody would make their way through it. You need to hire a PHP developer familiar with the latest trends and who has experience and expertise to initiate a stable development of your project.

Choose someone you can easily convey your requirements and get the best cost-effective solutions for the same.

We can not doubt how dynamic of a language PHP is.

With offering the opportunity to developers to create never heard or seen before, i.e., extremely dynamic websites, PHP also provides the latest tools & frameworks. It helps to keep up with the current advancements in the market and meet the growing needs of businesses.

Therefore, if you’re planning to start your own project using PHP, don’t forget to keep the trends mentioned above because they are not going anywhere and will just keep on improving!

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