U.S. Town Unites To Successfully Stop Nestle From Drilling On Their Land

Residents of Pennsylvania town of Kunkletown just showed Nestle they’re not backing down against corporate greed.

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The Pennsylvania town of Kunkletown won a stunning victory, displaying the power people have over corporate greed, when they rebuked Nestle’s attempt to suck 200,000 gallons of water PER DAY out of the ground to bottle and sell.

The company was attempting to gain rights to the land in order to sell water through it’s Deer Park Spring Water brand.

“They know there’s liquid gold in those hills. They know our water is pristine,” says Donna Deihl, lifelong resident of Kunkletown and one of the activists responsible for rallying community support against Nestle.

“People here are invested in where they want to live the rest of their lives and are willing to fight to the death,” -said Barbara Meadows, another resident of Kunkletown.

Nestle’s attempt to buy rights to the water for $750,000 was rejected by the people and the harsh community feedback left the corporation no choice but to back out. The citizens were aware of the destruction that would potentially envelop their land if the machines were let in to drill.

“The trucks! 100-120 18 wheelers in little Kunkletown every day!” says Deihl, fully aware of what the community of 3,000 avoided by coming together.

This article (U.S. Town Unites To Successfully Stop Nestle From Drilling On Their Land) was originally created by Alternative World News Network and published by True Activist and is re-posted here with permission. 

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