Which is the Fastest and Best PUBG Mobile Emulator for PC?

Nowadays the mobile gaming craze is increasing day by day. After PUBG mobile launch the mobile gaming industry changed. People love to play games on mobile but what if you want to play a mobile game on the PC.

With technology development, mobile games can be played on PC with the help of an emulator. There are various emulators in the market but all are not good so we have selected the best emulator for PC to play PUBG mobile and other games on the computer.

For better gaming experience you need three main things for an emulator gaming mouse, gaming keyboard and gaming headphones. Due to the growing gaming industry, these three are now also available in the budget range. Users on emulators are increasing day by day because here you can play all mobile games on big screens.

Tencent Gambling Buddy- Most Favorite PUBG Mobile Emulator for PC

Tencent had established its brand-new android emulator – Gameloop. Actually, it isn’t a brand-new android emulator, it is the newest model of Tencent Gambling Buddy Official emulator, they simply rebranded it from Tencent gaming friend to GameLoop.

According to customers, there are various bugs and mistakes in TGB that are currently fixed in this newest version. Gameloop developers forecast later on it won’t only support android games in an emulator but also internet games and PC games.

Gameloop empowers the very best Mouse and Keyboard controllers to perform PUBG Mobile on PC easily with optimized controllers. Based upon the hardware of your PC you can readily alter the mouse and keyboard setting and configurations to get gorgeous gaming experience.

Additionally, you may select from one of the various designs which are ideal for you. Just you want to lower your image settings while using the emulator on low-end computers. But in case you’ve got a high-end computer then your gambling experience would just get better.

LD player

This emulator allows you to play with PUBG Mobile in your own windows and mac with magnificent images and the best gaming experience. The emulator can be obtained using Android 5.1. LD player emulators have the very same attributes as all android emulators like Capture screen whilst gambling, recording your gameplay, multi-instances for enjoying games at a time on precisely the same pc.

Their customer care support is user friendly and supporting. Whether your problem is big or small they fully paid attention to your problem and gave the best solution to you. They have their official Facebook page from there also you can contact their support team and within a few seconds you get a reply from them.


It is possible to enjoy your gameplay together with your PC gamepad or else you can map out buttons or keys to do android functions. Additionally, there are some attributes like Memu players Screenshot and display recording choice. You may locate it from the toolbar at the ideal end of this window. Additionally, you may play more than 1 match or programs at one time. Memu is among the most recent Android emulators that have been able to be very popular.

It includes a preloaded Google play shop so that you can download and play with any android matches and android program. Additionally, you can start the APK file right from Memu. This emulator is filled with broad characteristics that make gameplay simple on a huge display. You could even run numerous games and programs at one time.

Memu has great keywords mapping attributes where you can customize to your PUBG Mobile gaming requirements. Aside from this emulator supports full-screen style, screenshot instrument, performance record, auto-updates PUBG that is also a characteristic, not all of emulators supply and several other capabilities.


Bluestack is among the most popular and most mainstream Android emulators. There are a lot of reasons for this, it’s compatible with both windows and mac, also gets regular upgrades, compatible with matches in addition to the android programs.

Recent upgrades set Bluestacks in Android Nougat. For PUBG that this emulator includes two variations free and paid. Even though the free version is ridden with advertisements whereas the paid version is advertisements free.

Bluestack will operate your PUBG mobile game easily and efficiently even on the low-end computers. The emulator allows the integration of distinct gamepad features. Among the greatest features is that it has the power to establish multiple instances so that you can play several games at one time. You could also download many programs from the program shop or set up standalone APK files.

Remix OS

Using the Remix OS emulator, you can play with your favorite Android games or PUBG Mobile match on PC’s large screen with a fantastic experience. You’re able to map keyboard buttons to your superior control and experience, plus it provides multiple gambling at one time. This emulator is a tiny bit different from the rest of the emulators, it does not encourage AMD chipset and needs Virtualisation Technology allowed on your BIOS of PC.


Andy Android mobile emulator is distinct from other Android Emulators, it allows you to join your Android apparatus and PC, collectively in a virtual universe that’s ideal for gaming. Andy brings your favorite communication, social media, entertainment mobile programs to the desktop computer, it is possible to get WhatsApp messages also.

Final Words
These are the very best emulators to get PUBG mobile that you’ll be able to play the game in your systems. If you want to enhance your experience without increasing more budget, then you can try budget headphones for PUBG mobile. In the past, I’d only advise you that if you would like to play only the Pubg match then you need to set up the Game Loop emulator itself. But if you would like additional Android games to run in your notebook or PC, then you may also try other emulators mentioned previously. I hope you’ll like one of those emulators on this listing so you may play with the Pubg game without any lag.

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